What Type of Flat Iron Works Best for Your Hair?

If you are planning to change your hairstyle, without having to make drastic changes, then you should consider investing in a good styling tool and there’s no other tool better than a simple flat iron. By using a flat iron you can straighten your hair in just a matter of minutes but also create bouncy curls if you opt for one that has curved edges. Whether you are looking for the best flat iron for fine hair, for curly hair or for thick hair, you will surely find the following lines to be helpful. There are many types of flat irons that are suitable for normal, fine or coarse hair.

For normal hair

If you have normal hair you are the luckiest because it means you can choose from a variety of flat irons. Ceramic flat irons generally work best for normal to fine hair because the ceramic layer protects the hair from the root to the tip and it also gives it a beautiful glowing look. Ceramic flat irons consume lesser amounts of energy because they heat at lower temperatures, that’s why they are more suitable for normal, straight to wavy hair. You can look for a ceramic flat iron that is infused with tourmaline, if you want to minimize the risk of heat damage.

Thin, dry hair

If you have thin and dry hair with no texture, then you should avoid styling your hair at high levels of temperature. The best flat iron for fine hair is a ceramic iron, because ceramics can only reach lower temperatures. Another good tip would be to invest in a tourmaline flat iron because these types of tools protect the hair cuticle against heat damage. There are many positive ions that take place when the hair is damaged and dry and what tourmaline flat irons do is to emit negative ions that counteract the positive ions, leaving your hair smoother than never.

Wavy or curly hair

Women with wavy and curly hair can easily straighten their hair by using a ceramic or tourmaline flat iron. As long as you raise the level of temperature to 350 or 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you will manage to get great results. However, if you have curly hair that is hard to style and maintain, it’s more recommended to opt for a titanium flat iron because titanium is the only metal that can straighten your curly and frizzy hair quickly and more precisely.

Rebel and coarse hair

The titanium flat iron is also the best solution for when it comes to styling coarse and thick hair. The majority of titanium flat irons can reach up to high levels of temperature so you can straighten your hair much faster but it’s important to avoid using the flat iron at high heating settings every day. Give it a break for a couple of days or so, or use a safer alternative, such as a ceramic flat iron.