What Features Should a Good Electric Shaver Have

The electric shaver can be rotary or foil, depending on the type of blades it uses and the shaving technology. Regardless the type of shaver, every model should include some features that determine how good it is and how efficient it will be in delivering a smooth and fine cut. To help you choose the best electric shaver, we have gathered some of the most important features that a good electric shaver should have.

Wet and dry use

The best electric shavers are designed to work on during the shower so that you can use it when you are in a hurry and you want to do two things at a time. You don’t have to worry about an electrical hazard because the electric shavers that are suitable for wet and dry used are perfectly sealed and completely safe.

Battery charger

Instead of the regular cord electric shavers, you can also opt for a battery one that allows you to use it when you can’t reach a power socket. A complete charge of the battery can last up to 7 shavings and some models even come with an emergency charge that will last for one shaving, in case you don’t have time to wait for a full charge.

Automatic shut-off

After you charge the battery, you will have to remove the plug in order to avoid overcharging that will reduce the battery life. A good electric shaver includes an auto shut-off features that turn the power off once the shaver is completely charged.

Status lights

The most important aspect in an electric razor, besides the performance of the blades, is the battery or, better said, how much battery it has left. A good saver includes a battery indicator that lets you know when the device is running out of battery so you will know when to recharge it. This way, you will avoid situations when you want to use the shaver, but it won’t start because you didn’t charge it.

Easy cleaning

It’s very important that you manage to remove all the hair from your electric shaver’s blades so that it will stay perfectly clean. Some models come with a small cleaning brush, but high-quality shavers feature a self-cleaning system that releases a sanitizing liquid through the cutters.

A pop-out trimmer

Some shavers come with an additional trimmer that help you deal with longer hair or shape your sideburns, so if you prefer a beard or a special style, you might want to look for a shaver with a trimmer head.

Even if you know what features you want your future shaver to have, you should read some reviews in order to find a product that offers a good price to quality ration. In order to do that, read some reviews that will help you compare the best shavers of the moment.