Top 5 Best Value Dishwashers of 2015

Ever since they were invented, dishwashers have been a true help in the kitchen as they take away a tiresome chore that nobody wants to perform after a delicious meal. Their reliability and functionality have increased as the number of convenience features become higher and the technologies used were more and more advanced. Therefore, the year 2015 has brought multiple high-quality dishwashers that changed the way people wash their dishes, from which we present you the top 5 best value models.

GE Profile PDT750SSFSS

According to several dishwasher reviews, this is one of the best dishwashers on the moment. This model offers everything you would need from a spacious, efficient, and user-friendly dishwasher that is also energy efficient. It comes with seven wash cycles, namely normal wash, light wash, heavy wash, auto sense, rinse, express, and eWash, which is the Eco-friendly option. There are also 11 wash options that allow you to clean any type of dishes and 102 water cleaning jets that leave the dishes sparkling clean, even bottles and jars. You get to adjust the interior racks so they fit all your dishes and the stainless steel tub makes it look as stylish on the inside as it looks on the outside.

LG EasyRack Plus LDF7551ST

You get to choose between 7 washing cycles with this dishwasher, including a rinse-only, a power scrub, a delicate, and an Eco-friendly cycle. Once the dishes are done, you can dry them with the heated dry option while features like the delay start, the child lock, the adjustable racks, and the status indicator lights increase its convenience.

Electrolux Wave-Touch EWDW6505GS

If this dishwasher is to offer something, that is versatility, due to the nine washing cycle to puts at your disposal. There is a stemware cycle designed for fragile china, an Eco-friendly cycle that reduces the water and energy consumption and a heated dry option that leaves the dishes spotless. The stylish design and the high performance are equaled by the Energy Star rating that makes this dishwasher one of the best choices of 2015.

Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC

This dishwasher comes with only six washing cycles, but the other features it includes compensate for this minor drawback. It can fit up to 15 place settings, it has an adjustable interior to match you space needs, and it includes five additional washing options that maximize its versatility. Moreover, it includes a sanitation wash option that allows you to kill every germ and bacteria on your dishes.

LG Studio LSDF9962ST

There are seven wash cycles and nine wash options with this dishwasher and most of them use steam power to eliminate heavy soil stains, which minimizes the time and the water used for a washing cycle. Among many other features, this model includes an Eco-friendly wash option, a heated dry option, a delay start timer, a hard-food disposer, and a child lock.