Tips for Mastering the Art of Making Cocktails

The reason everyone prefers to go out for a drink is because they want to have a taste of a cocktail made by a professional bartender who knows how to play with flavors. If you are a passionate of cocktail making, you should know that there are ways to improve your knowledge on beverage mixing so that you can become a real professional in preparing cocktails. Here are some tips that will help you master the art of making cocktails.

  • In order to be a master of cocktails, you have to study and learn plenty of cocktail recipes, you have to discover how drinks and ingredients blend best, and how you can create new flavors that will impress the customers. Preparing a cocktail is not just about mixing some ingredients, but it’s about finding out how the ingredients should be mixed.
  • Avoid mixing too many drinks because the result can be very disappointing and an otherwise good cocktail can be ruined by one single wrong ingredient. Balance the tastes by combining four essential elements, namely strong, weak, sour, and sweet. Strong refers to the alcoholic ingredients, weak refers to the less alcoholic like liqueurs, sour are the citrus juice, and sweet are the sugar and syrups.
  • As in any domain, tools are very important and having the right tools can be essential in making the best cocktails. If you equip your home bar with a shaker, a juicer, a strainer, and a jigger, you can prepare almost any cocktail recipe you want.
  • All the ingredients you use must be quality and fresh ones that don’t interfere with the taste of the cocktail. If you use a poor gin, or the orange juice has a bad taste, your cocktail will never taste good. Take advantage of the warm season and use only fresh fruits instead of canned juices so you can skip all the unwanted additives in most of the bought juices.
  • The drink and the glass should have the same temperature in order to maintain a pleasant flavor and it’s not very hard to keep this rule. If you are serving a cold cocktail, place the glass in the fridge for a few minutes and if you are making a hot cocktail you can put some hot water in the glass to warm it. This way, you will prevent heat or cold transfer and you will keep the cocktail at the optimal temperature.