Movie Projectors Vs. Big Screen TVs

Have you finished creating your home cinema, but you don’t know now what’s best to choose, a movie projector or a big screen TV? If you find yourself in this confusing situation, then you should read this article in order to see what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two products, and therefore, you will be able to make a choice.

Installation and use

When it comes to installation, big screen TVs are definitely extremely easy to install, in comparison with movie projectors which require a bit more time. The same goes with the use of these two units. You will find easier to use a big screen television, rather than a movie projector, although you could find on the market some units with an easy-to-use setup. The main reason why lots of people choose a big screen instead of a projector is that you don’t have to use it only in a dark room. Furthermore, you can turn it on much quicker. However, you know better what are your needs and expectations regarding a device like that for your home cinema.

Energy efficiency

Specialists say that projectors definitely consume more energy than big screen televisions. If you are a person who usually watches television a lot, then you definitely should go for a unit that will not increase your energy bill. However, it is up to you what unit you are going to choose.

The provided images

Both of these types of devices provide clear, sharp and detailed images, and you will certainly enjoy at maximum watching a movie. However, there is a difference between them which counts for many consumers, and it will probably matter for you as well. The images that movie projectors provide are considered to be much easier on the eyes, which is actually very good, especially for those who have problems with their eyes.

What do you actually need?

This is an important question that you need to ask yourself before going shopping. For example, if you have a small home cinema, you should go for a movie projector especially designed for small rooms. On the other hand, large rooms definitely require a big screen TV.


This aspect is extremely important for all of us. Therefore, you must know that you will find on the market units that are reasonably priced while other can be quite expensive. Both of these types of devices come in many models and brands, and depending on these two aspects, they can cost more or less. Before you actually go shopping, some online research will certainly help you make an idea about what’s in the shops nowadays.