Improve Your Sleep with the Best Sound Machines

Many people have difficulties falling asleep at night either because they are too stressed, because they can’t manage to focus on falling asleep, or because there are environmental noises that keep them up. Luckily for them, they can fall asleep faster and sleep tight throughout the night with the help of a top sound machine. These devices create soothing noise and have the ability to cover disturbing noise so that sleep will be easier to achieve. For those having troubles sleeping, here are the best sound machines that can do wonders in helping them fall asleep.

Adaptive Sound Technologies Sound + Sleep

This top sound machine is a great choice for those who struggle to fall asleep at night and has some of the most versatile and efficient features available. It uses the adaptive sound technology to mask the intruding sounds on the background and comes with two features that make it an innovation. The first one is the adaptive voice button that adjusts the level of the sound to the environment, and the second is a richness button that enhances the sound selected. Another big advantage of this sound machine is the high number of sounds it offers you, namely meadow, ocean, city, rainfall, white noise, waterfall, brook, train, meditation, and fireplace. The only drawback that’s worth mentioning is the lack of an alarm clock.

Sharper Image Sound Soother

Falling asleep will be much easier with the help of this compact sound machine that is perfect for traveling. It creates a large number of sounds designed to offer you a soothing feeling that will promote sleep, including rain, thunderstorm, ocean, train, heartbeat or city. It can also cover disturbing sounds with the white noise feature it includes, so you don’t have to worry about a snoring partner. This sound machine can be set to run continuously throughout the night or you can use the timer and set it to run for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. The Sound Soother comes with an alarm clock that can be set for different times so you can set one alarm for weekdays and another one for weekends.

Brookstone Travel Tranquil Moments

The third best sound machine is the Brookstone Travel Tranquil Moments, a device designed specifically for traveling or for small areas. The compact size allows you to carry it in your bag and to use it regardless the place and the multiple features it includes make it easy to use and very efficient. It includes a sleep program and a relax program, with a total of eight soothing sounds including a white noise feature. It also works as a dual alarm clock and the voice memo allows you to record a message so you will remember to do a certain thing when the alarm goes off.

As you can see, recent innovations in the science of sleep have lead to the invention of these neat gadgets which can make a huge difference not only for insomniacs, but for all people who can’t rest due to too much stress. If you are curious to discover other neat gadgets that can make your life better, visit There you will find the latest technology news which will help you stay in touch with all practical inventions and technological innovations.