Important Features to Consider when Buying a Mobility Scooter

Any person that has mobility problems will find a mobility scooter to be a lot more useful than a self propelled wheelchair, especially if they want to go for rides on long distances. Before purchasing a mobility scooter, you have to take in consideration what features you want it to have. Here are the important features you have to look for when buying a mobility scooter.


The controls for the acceleration and reverse functions are on the handlebars, and to operate them you simply use your thumbs or fingers. Depending on whether you are right-handed or left-handed, you can customize the side of the handlebars on which the acceleration and reverse functions will be set.
For example, the acceleration controls are on the right-hand, and the reverse controls are on the left-hand generally, but if you are left-handed you can have them switched.

Overall size

There are three different sizes for mobility scooters, from small, to medium, to large.
The boot scooters are the smallest models, being able to fit them in most cars, and they aren’t heavy either. Due to their small size, the battery capacity isn’t big either, being limited to a 16 km range. Another downside of the┬áportable electric scooter is the fact that it can’t carry heavy weights, and its seat is very small.
Medium sized mobility scooters range up to 40 km, they carry more weight than the boot scooters, and they provide a stable ride. They might not be as portable as the boot scooters, but they’re balanced, not being too small or too large.
The large mobility scooter models are the town and country models. They might not be very portable, but they are ideal for shopping because they can carry a big weight, they can go as fast as 13 km/h, and they absorb shock very well, making the impact with an obstacle less unpleasant for you.


The most important aspect to look for at the seat of the mobility scooter is for the seat to be adjustable, and to allow you to move it backward and forward to provide you the necessary legroom. Look for a mobility scooter that has a seat appropriate in size for you, and that is made from a good material as well.

Armrests and backrests

Armrests should be adjustable to be more convenient for use, and they should be able to swing away to help with transfers. A small, portable electric scooter will have less comfort features than a bigger model, but comfort is not something that you should compromise, especially if you plan on using the mobility scooter on a daily basis.
Backrests, as well as armrests, should be adjustable for your comfort, and they should have a lever operated recline function as well. This way you are assured that you have the best quality backrest, and you can fold it on the seat for easier storage as well.


Seen how all mobility scooters have breaks, you should look for a model that has something extra, like an emergency brake to use in case the main breaking system fails.

Safety features

The best safety features to look for are definitely the low-battery warning light, the reverse beeper, the anti-tip wheels, and the automatic speed reduction in reverse.


When it comes to the number of wheels, mobility scooters can have three, four, or five wheels, two of which are at the back.
The models that have three wheels have a shorter turning radius, being more flexible in mobility.
The four wheel models have better stability than the three wheel models, but they aren’t as flexible.
The five wheel models are basically three wheel mobility scooters that have two extra wheels attached to be more stable.