How to Choose a Good Garage Door Opener

Are you tired of opening the garage door manually every time you arrive home or you have to leave home, no matter if it’s day or not, cold or hot? If you are, then you should consider installing a garage door opener that will ease the job for you. To make sure you install the best model that will offer the highest satisfaction, here are some things you have to look for when searching for a garage door opener.

Decide what type of drive you need

There are three types of garage door openers, namely the chain-drive the belt-drive, and the screw-drive and each type is designed for different types of garage doors. The belt drive ones can handle smaller doors and are more silent, being the perfect choice for garages placed near rooms of the house. The chain-drive models are louder, can handle larger doors and are the most affordable, so they are great for double doors and if you want to save some money. The screw-drive ones are the fastest to open and close the door but also require more maintenance and are more expensive.

Select the motor power

The power of the engine that makes the garage door opener work can be either ½ horsepower, ¾ horsepower or 1-horsepower, and the choice depends on the size and weight of the door to your garage.  Keep in mind that the 2016 best garage door opener might not necessarily have the most power. If your doors are medium-size, the smallest motor can easily lift them, but as the door gets bigger and heavier, you will need a higher power or the garage door opener will break shortly after installing it.

Pay attention to the safety features

The garage door opener must have sensors that will keep you safe while operating it, such as sensor beams that stop the door from opening or closing in case something crosses underneath it. This is a great feature that prevents children or pets from getting hurt while exiting or entering the garage during closing doors.

Look for security features

Security is as important as safety, so make sure you opt for a garage door opener that closes the door tight every time you operate it. Also, look for units that use computer-controlled systems that generate new codes each time you open the door, so no one will be able to enter the garage on their own. Security lights are also useful when you come home and it’s dark in the garage and most of them they on for as long as you need to get out of your car and enter the house.

Added convenience means added benefits

The 2016 best garage door opener will come with a backup power source that will allow you to use it even if the power goes off, so you won’t have to open and close the garage door manually. Remotes add to the convenience of the garage door opener since you can operate the unit from inside your car.