How Much Would it Cost to Install a Stair Lift in Your Home?

Some people start having troubles using the stairs as they get old or they suffer from a disability that keeps them from being able to go up and down the stairs safely. In this case, they have to resort to the help of a stair lift that will transport them along the staircase easily and without the risk of falling. The prices and the additional costs of a stair lift vary from one brand to another and according to the shape of the staircase. If you need to install a stair lift at home and you are worried about the costs it will imply, here are some details that can help you estimate the investment.

Purchase costs

Before purchasing a stair lift, you will have a dealer coming to your home to check the construction of the staircase in order to determine the type of stair lift you will need. The main cost implied by a stair lift is the actual price, which varies from one brand to another and from one model to another. Depending on the reliability and popularity of a manufacturer, the prices of a straight stair lift can range between $1,000 and $2,000 while a curved model can go as high as $5,000. The prices vary according to the design and features of the model, including weight limit, type of upholstery, the amount of landing space required, or the maneuvering options.

Installation costs

Most stair lifts include the installation costs in the purchase price in case the process is more complex and requires professional assistance. If you opt for a straight stair lift, it is usually designed for easy do-it-yourself installation that can be performed in a few hours. The curved stair lifts that are more difficult to install are usually installed by technicians who know how to make them safe to use.

Additional costs

The installation costs might depend on the condition of your staircase, as well. If the structure is not solid enough, you will have to perform some repairs in order to make it safe for installing a stair lift. You might have to need to replace the stair rail so it can support the weight of the device you might have to enlarge the landing area. These repairs will add to the purchase and installation costs, but in some cases there will be no need for them.

Maintenance costs

A stair lift’s maintenance implies an annual check for oiling and the wiring that powers it, which shouldn’t cost more than $50. Also, you will have to replace the battery, usually after 2 or 3 years, which will mean and additional $100.

Stair lifts can be quite expensive, and you can see there’s more to them then their initial price. As such, if you do decide to buy a stair lift, make sure it is a good one. Read several stair lift reviews before ordering a particular model. Moreover, when agreeing to buy a certain stair lift, make sure you ask about all possible expenses related to its installation and maintenance.