Bread Maker Buying Guide

Store bought bread doesn’t taste as great as homemade bread. But making bread isn’t all that easy, and some people just don’t have the time to sit around the kitchen until the delicious bread is done. There is a solution to stop buying bread from the store that tastes stale and has who knows what additives in it, without having to be a good cook to make it, and that solution is the bread maker. You simply put the right amount of ingredients in this machine, and when the program finishes, you can enjoy warm and tasty homemade bread without making any effort. If you want to invest in the best rated bread machine, here’s what you should be looking for:


First you have to take in consideration the size of the loafs you intend to make with the machine. Keeping in mind the fact that homemade bread gets spoiled faster than bread that is bought from the store, because it contains no additives to conserve it, you have to buy a bread maker that produces the enough quantity of bread that you and your household members consume in one or two days.
For example, a family of 2-4 members will definitely find a bread maker that makes a 1 and a half pound bread more than enough.
There are bread makers that offer two or three loaf size options, these being the best option, because you might want to make different sized loafs of bread on different occasions.

Kneading paddles

Bread makers usually come with a kneading paddle for making bread, and a separate kneading paddle for pasta, but there are models that come with two kneading paddles to make bread. These are the ones you should look for, because they work almost as well as if you were to knead it with a mixer or with your hand.
Never forget to get the paddles out when the kneading cycle is done, for the bread to not have a hole at the bottom. This isn’t an option with all the bread makers, but take it in consideration, because the bread will look better if you pull the paddles out, having no ugly marks on it.

Programmable options

If you want to have total control over the way your bread will look, for example, go with one of the best rated bread machine units, one that has a programmable option to allow you to choose how dark or light the color of the crust should be. With the help of these options you can decide how long you want the loaf to rise, knead, or bake, you can choose to bake the bread without kneading it, or even knead the dough without baking it as well.

Specialty items

You might have to pay an extra buck to bake specialty items, but it’s totally worth it. With a bread maker that can cook specialty items you can not only make bread in it, but you can make pizza dough, jam, sour dough bread, noodles, and bread with nuts and seeds, without having to worry that they will be overcooked or undercooked.


You definitely don’t want a bread maker that will yell like a bear is chasing it every time you use it, or that moves around the counter until it falls from it eventually. Therefore, invest in a sturdy and silent machine that won’t make your life harder, and that you won’t have to keep a close eye on for it not to fall and inevitably get ruined.


Usually, bread making machines vary between $30 and $500, but the price rises depending on what features and options you want it to have. The best advice to follow if you intend to put the bread maker to a daily use is to not cheap out, and buy an expensive model, made from a sturdy material, that has all the possible options.