Best Treatment Choices for Common Skin Imperfections

Skin imperfections can be really bothersome for anyone, especially if they are on the face, the most visible part of our body. Instead of concealing the common skin imperfections, it’s better to try to treat them. Here are the best treatment choices for the unpleasant common skin imperfections.

How to treat wrinkles

Because the skin naturally loses its elasticity and flexibility over time, wrinkles are a skin imperfection that eventually affects all of us. While it’s impossible to get rid of them completely, you can try certain treatments to ameliorate their aspect.
Try a product that has tretinoin, an agent that is derived from the retinoids found in vitamin A. By regularly applying tretinoin to the area that is affected by wrinkles, the fine wrinkles are considerably reduced, and it helps minimize the appearance of the areas with deep wrinkles.
Another natural solution to minimizing the appearance of the wrinkles are the alpha hydroxy based acid products. While they don’t improve the aspect a lot, they help with fine wrinkles at least.

How to treat scars

The scarred tissues of the skin can easily be treated if you apply products that contain a combination of onion skin derivatives and allantoin, but have patience with this treatment. It’s 100% effective, but it takes a couple of months to see the final result, because this combination has to alter the skin tissue and allow it to remodel appropriately.
Another treatment you can go with is to use phenols, that are chemical compounds found in green tea. Green tea extract is efficient against any type of scar, and you can find green tea extract creams to apply to the affected area from any pharmacy.

How to lighten your skin

Your skin can be affected by many dark spots that can be liver spots, melasma, age spots, or sun lentigines. To get rid of them and lighten your skin, you should go with clinically approved creams, rather that using home-made remedies that are most likely going to be ineffective.
To lighten the affected areas of the skin, use a akin lightening cream that you find in a pharmacy, or have your dermatologist prescribe one for you. Skin lightening creams are the best solution, don’t waste your time on home-made soy creams, because you might do more harm than good to the affected area.

How to treat skin tags

Unfortunately, skin tags are very common, and they are flesh-colored growths of skin that are irregular in shape and have a smooth feel. To treat these nasty skin imperfections it’s best to go to a pharmacy and buy a skin tag removal cream. By using the skin tag removal cream you can be sure that in a couple of weeks, maximum 2 moths, the problematic skin tags will go away.