3 Important Reasons You Should Consider a Whole House Water Filter

Protecting our anyway fragile health, and the health of our loved ones is a top priority for all of us. Therefore, we have to pay attention to everything surrounding us that could affect us, like the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. In this article we will be discussing about the dangers of tap water, and we will be listing 3 important reasons for why you should install a whole house water filter.


Fluoride is inorganic, and it’s widely used in the production of fluorocarbon and hydrogen fluoride. Some of the effects that ingesting fluoride has on your body are arthritis, heart disease, brittle teeth, spotted teeth, and even brittle bone disease.
Iodine can be used to neutralize the effect of fluoride, but the sad truth is that most of us have diets that are deficient in iodine, making it impossible to combat the harmful effects of fluoride on our health.
A whole house water filter eradicates this problem from the source, and the water that comes from all the taps in your house will definitely be cleansed of this potent contaminant.


Chlorine is widely spread in use as a disinfectant. The municipal water, and any public pool use chlorine to eliminate the microorganisms that are found in the water.
Unfortunately, chlorine has some negative effects on its own, therefore it’s not the best solution to clean the water we drink and wash with.
While it is indeed true that chlorine disinfects the water and prevents the spread of diseases like typhoid or cholera, it gives the water an abnormal color and an awful smell.
Being one of the most reactive elements, chlorine produces compounds like trihalomethanes. The trihalomethanes are produced when chlorine interacts with bromoform and dibromochloromethane, which can cause kidney cancer, liver cancer, heart disease, and many other health problems.
As with fluoride, chlorine can be eradicated from the water you drink,wash with, and cook from your house with the simple installation of a whole house water filter.

Pesticides and pharmaceuticals

One of the biggest ironies of this world is that we all try to live healthy lives, and avoid consuming fruits and vegetables that were treated with pesticides, but we drink pesticides from the water that comes from the tap. Also, traces of pharmaceuticals can be found in the tap water, like prescription drugs for example.
Get rid of any potential threat by cleaning the water before it reaches the tap with a whole house filter, and this way you can finally say you are avoiding pesticides and other contaminants.