3 Amazing Infrared Heaters with Unusual Designs

Infrared heaters have gained a lot of popularity over other methods of heating the house, because they are a lot safer and more energy efficient.
While most of the infrared heaters available have a pretty standard look, there are some with unusual and interesting designs available.
Read the following lines if you are interested in buying an infrared heater with an unusual and unique design with which to spice up your home, choosing from one of our 3 suggestions.

Herschel Inspire Infrared Mirror Heater

The Herschel Inspire Infrared Mirror Heater comes at the price of $635, and it’s a great addition for any room of the house, because it doubles as a mirror as well.
The unusual design of this infrared heater makes it the best choice if you want a heating source that will go unnoticed, and for which you don’t have to make changes around the house.
You can even buy one of these infrared heaters for your bathroom, because it doesn’t create condensation, therefore it won’t be a problem to have it there.
It comes in 7 different sizes and power outputs that suit any requirement, and they operate at a fraction of the cost of other heating methods.

Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace

This infrared heater from Lifesmart is the perfect addition to any room due to its unique and interesting design. It comes at the price of $300, and it looks exactly like a fireplace, being a great heating solution, and an ideal decorative peace at the same time.
As it’s said in the name, this “fireplace” infrared heater can handle heating large rooms, and when it’s operating it produces beautiful and realistic dancing flames images that look like real fire.
It comes with a remote control with which you can operate its digital thermostat from across the room, a quiet scroll fan to circulate the heat that makes it extremely efficient, it has two heat settings, and it comes with E-Z glide casters.

Herschel Inspire Infrared Picture Panel

The infrared picture panel from Herschel comes at the price of $650, and it comes in 7 different sizes with 7 different power outputs.
Instead of having a space consuming infrared heater lying around, you should rather use this unusual and magnificent infrared heater to heat up your home, because it’s a panel on which you can have any image you desire, therefore the possibilities when it comes to its design are limitless.
No one will ever suspect that the picture that is hanging above the sofa in the living room, or the one above your bed in the bedroom is actually a heater, and it makes your home look more stylish and classy as well.

The three heaters presented above have truly unique designs. However, like always, remember that design is not the only thing that matters when buying such a product.